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During this time of uncertainty, we believe coming together as a community and sharing knowledge, best practices and success stories is more important than ever for overcoming supply chain disruption.

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That’s why we’ve created Virtual Learning Week, a live virtual networking event which will allow members of the procurement community to share insights through bespoke breakout sessions, helping your team develop the right mitigation strategies to keep on delivering value. 

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Join us for three days of three-hour virtual sessions that will give you the chance to engage with your peers and network with thought-leaders through an interactive platform, just like you would at one of our live events. 

DAY 1 HIGHLIGHT: Procurement Leaders insight
Building resilient partnerships through value to manage risk

  • How do you showcase your value when no one is listening? 
  • How do you align your goals and your stakeholder’s goals? 
  • Who will lead these partnerships from procurement’s end? 
  • How can you measure the intangible? 

David CainPrincipal Analyst, Procurement Leaders 
David RaeChief Product Officer, Procurement Leaders


We hope to see you in London

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