Strategy Deep Dives

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The Strategy Deep Dives are the perfect supplement to your attendance at the World Procurement Congress. This focus day allows you to breakdown some of the big-picture Congress themes and examine the tactical details to make your vision a reality.

Across a full day of workshop, panels and networking you will delve deeper into a specific industry topics: digitalisation and sustainability. These programmes provide executive leaders with strategic-execution support and a forum to network, share and learn ground-breaking ideas.


With issues such as climate change, social issues or child slavery being more and more publicised, it is becoming essential for companies to gain visibility on sustainability in the supply chain and integrate it in their business plans.

Through workshops, inspirational talks and case studies, this event will strive to offer organisations practical and tangible solutions to help them take steps forward in sustainability, incentivise staff and suppliers, create relevant targets and make lasting improvements that will positively impact the business.


(Partnered by Bain & Company)

Digitalisation plays an integral part in procurement’s mandate to deliver to the C-Suite’s agenda. The opportunities to leverage data and innovation to fuel business growth is a key value contribution procurement can make towards overall business objectives.

By leveraging data to support decision-making, developing strategies and tools to understand the supplier landscape and incentivising suppliers to collaborate and innovate, procurement can have a real impact on the growth of the holistic enterprise.



With peers who have a similar strategic focus to learn from each other’s successes and side-step potential pitfalls


Your strategic plans to measure progress and find ways to improve to your action plan for advancement


For common short-term challenges so you have time and resource to progress on your mid to long term strategic roadmap

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